What our Master Chef Customers are saying....

I've used this product's predecessor, for over 10 years. I love this oven. Not HEATING UP the Kitchen to cook a succulent roast or chicken is FANTASTIC!!! Well made oven. You won't be disappointed.

– Jen L. - Verified Buyer

Not just a Microwave! Love our new Half Time Convection Microwave oven. Such an amazing machine for such a low price. We replaced our toaster oven and our microwave for this much more efficient 3-in-1 unit. Super happy!

– Randal J.- Verified Buyer

Great cooking product! I love this oven! What I love most is that I never have to use my big oven anymore! I can bake anything that I would normally do in my big with this Half Time Oven. Definitely recommend to anyone!

– Lindsey- Verified Buyer

Love it! I had a half time oven years ago in my 5th wheel and was so impressed. I promised myself that someday I would have one in my home. Love the newer dial and large handle, couldn't be happier!

– Bonnie- Verified Buyer

Fantastic Product! Since I have received my half time oven, I have enjoyed using it. I like the fact that there are two ways to microwave. The convection oven is such a joy to use. The food is moist and fully cooked. I find the grill to be easy to use. The burgers came out fully cooked, yet not dried out. I have yet to try combi coking, but I am looking forward to it. Thank you for a great product that is made in America!

– Etta- Verified Buyer